Working Of Video Forensic Software

Digital video, which has a lot of formats, is a very beneficial tool. 

Most of the company offer a video forensics software package that has a fully automatic Real-Time universal de-multiplexing ability, in addition to real-time track & cover, real-time universal DVR capture, patented lossless video capture with an encoding that doubles video storage and a video search.

video forensic

In this article, we will discuss how video forensic software works in great detail.

The first step of the analysis is for the examiner to just listen or view the recorded footage. Inspectors will start to find interesting areas to be improved and examined in closer detail using special devices and software.

Before processing the audio and video evidence, the working copy of the evidence can be made. This ensures that the original evidence is always available in an unchanging state her. In addition, the original will always be available for comparison with the copy process.

Video Enhancement Techniques – Various enhancement techniques can be used on video evidence. It is important that the best video recordings submitted for getting the best extra. 

Demultiplexing – Allows for isolation from each camera. In the CCTV system, a device called a multiplexer is used to combine multiple video signals into a single signal or to separate the combined signal. This tool is often used in security and law enforcement applications to record and/or display multiple camera images simultaneously or in succession.

Audio Enhancement Techniques – For audio recording, various filters can be applied to improve the material, bringing out certain aspects or events contained in the recording.

Frequency Equation – It is appropriate can be used to boost or cut a certain frequency band. To help make the speech more understandable, the frequency band that contains most of the contents of the speech, 200Hz-5000Hz, can be amplified or isolated. 

If amplification is applied in the frequency range, other information that is in this frequency range will be boosted as well. If the noise is within the same range, the sound will also be increased, limiting the ability to clarify the voice.