Women Panties Online – Lingerie Guide For Women

One of the most beloved clothing of every woman, ladies’ panties have now exceeded our minimum requirements a lot. With the changing circumstances and patterns, panties have experienced a major change and have now moved towards becoming the style quotient in their own space.

How do you match your panties according to your body type?

Gone are the days when your lingerie was limited to just a high contrast basic color where you had a few sets that you used to wear on a rotation basis. Nowadays, your body shape is one of the most ideal ways to decide on the right panties for you. You can also buy leakproof period panties for women, that are available at online stores.

If you’re still in doubt, then check out the following women panty:-

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Bikini Panty

Every time you think of bikinis one thing that comes to your mind is the sun sets against the sandy shoreline and blue waters of the beach. Apart from being a piece of shoreline wear, this type of women’s panties can also be worn as regular wear.

Perfect for the ladies who like to wear low waist jeans, ladies who have an hourglass shape can wear this panty without much stretch. If you are at all high levels then it is best to go for skyscrapers such as Lace Bikini in Royal Blue, available on PrettyCreats.

Briefs / Hipster panties

After thongs, most women would prefer to go for short panties, some would like to call them hipster panties, which help to cover the entire groin and back area and yes, it fits all your body shapes. Also, choosing the right panties can be questionable when buying women’s panties online. The most ideal way to judge is by checking the cut and material.