When do people verify their mobile phone ?

Verifying your mobile phone is an important step in keeping it safe and secure. Here are some of the most common ways to verify your phone:

-Sign in to your phone's account on a website or app

-Use a security code or pin to unlock your phone

-Check for updates from your carrier or manufacturer

-Check for new Messages or notifications  on your phoneVerifying your phone may help prevent identity theft and other forms of theft.

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What is SMS verification?

SMS verification is a process of confirming an online order through the use of text messages. When an online customer places an order with a retailer, the retailer will send them a code to their phone in order to verify their purchase. This helps to avoid fraudulent orders and protects the retailer's reputation.

Typically, retailers will send out a text message containing the code needed to verify the purchase, and will also provide a link where the customer can find more information about the verification process.

There are a few different ways that SMS verification can be used. One example is when a customer is making an in-store purchase and needs to show proof of purchase in order to receive a refund or exchange. Another example is when a customer is purchasing something online and wants to make sure they are getting their purchase delivered to them as promised.