What Do You Need To Know About Invisalign Treatment In Currambine?

Your smile can make you unhappy. Braces can be an option for children and teens, but adults might feel embarrassed or angry if they are required to wear them at work. Traditional fixed braces can cause severe pain in the mouth and make simple tasks seem difficult.

Invisalign braces are transparent and virtually invisible because they are made from plastic. All the steps of straightening your teeth can be done confidently. 

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What happens during Invisalign treatment?

A set of aligners will be given to the patient that is specifically made for your teeth. Throughout the process, you will also be provided with invisible aligners. Your aligners will need to be changed every two weeks. This will gradually shift your teeth to their final positions.

Your Invisalign Dentist will be your first step in your treatment. They will discuss the various Invisalign options available. These impressions (or molds), are taken of your smile and photos from your mouth.

Computer-generated 3D images of your teeth are created to help you visualize the final result of the process. For approximately two weeks, the initial pair of Invisalign aligners can be worn. The aligners can then be replaced with new ones. 

You must visit your Invisalign dentist at least once every four to six week to ensure that your treatment goes smoothly. Soon you will be able have the smile that you always wanted.