Tips for Awning Care and Maintenance

Outdoor awnings are an important addition to your building not only because of their looks but are a great shade solution as well. The awning can provide you with a number of advantages if they are well maintained and taken care of properly. 

For more information about awning visit (which is also known as ‘เยี่ยมชมกันสาด’ in the Thai language). Here are some simple and efficient tips from cleaning to the storage of the awnings:

Clean it regularly: The first step in care starts with regular cleaning of awnings. You can take the following steps for cleaning them.

  • Treat any stain that appears on them right away. This will help you keep them clear of any stain that would take away their visual appeal.
  • Regularly brush them with a broom or a stiff brush to remove all dirt and debris off of these additions.
  • Wash them anytime you notice a build-up of dirt in them.

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Maintaining: Regular maintenance is needed for your awnings to keep them in the right condition. Inspect them to find if they have any rust on the frame or other areas. Give a fresh coat of paint to the areas where the paint has chipped off. Repair any rips and tears when and where they occur to prevent the tears from growing.

Storage: Remove them in winter especially if you live in areas with a lot of snow to maximize the life of the awning. Clean them before storing them as any dirt left on them will encourage mildew growth. Store them in a dry location to protect them from getting damaged.

With regular maintenance and care, your awnings will serve you for many years. You can make this wonderful addition a regular part of your yearly home care schedule.