The Use of Metal in Residential Roofing Materials

There are many types of residential roofing materials. One that is a very popular choice is metal. Metal roofs have been known to last longer, sometimes over 50 years, and are capable of many different types of elements from rain to wind and even snow and ice.

The materials used for metal roofs range widely from steel to copper, tin, and aluminum. Although metal roofs were often used in the past, they are now coming back in style. To get more information aboutsteel roof via

steel roof

They are extremely expensive to manufacture and come in various conditions. Two popular types are galvanized or galvalume. Galvanized two are the most widely used, while galvelum is often used in the south where storms are a common occurrence.

Metal roofs are durable due to their fire retardant properties. They are also almost maintenance free and energy efficient. This is because the metal is a sign of heat, therefore blocking its transfer to the attic of the house.

Coatings with high reflective values for steel sheeting will actually increase the thermal efficiency of homes located in areas where temperatures are often high.

Steel roofs offer other benefits when used as residential roofing materials. They offer 60 to 65 percent recycled materials, thus making them an environmentally friendly alternative. They weigh very little which means that this type of roof can be installed over existing.