The Benefits of Using Black Truffle Salt

Have you ever wondered why truffles have such a devoted fan base? Well, I can definitely relate to that. It's not only because of the exquisite taste and unique style of this specialty food that makes them so appealing to so many people. These delectable gems are also among the healthiest foods you could eat.

So, what is it that makes black summer truffles so much more than regular sea salt? Well, this article is actually for you since I will reveal to you five things that you should be putting your truffle salt onto. As have mentioned, black truffle sea salt tends to be an expensive ingredient to buy in bulk. However, there are ways that you can get all the flavor you need for a very cheap price.

If you're going to use the black truffle salt to season your fries, you want to make sure that you mix it with a healthy amount of butter. This way you can ensure that you don't use too much. Too little, and the coating on your fries will be quite salty, while too much can cause your fries to have a greasy look. A healthy mixture will be just what you need.

Italian black truffle salt can also be used on ziti. This Italian specialty dish is made from strips of meat that have been marinated in Italian olive oil. If you find that the cheese in this dish is a bit salty, then it's okay to slightly reduce the amount of olive oil used. You will be amazed at the flavor difference!

When using it to season meats, Italian black truffle salt makes a great addition to our marinades. One thing that people might not realize is that sea salt is often used instead of regular table salt. Because it's slightly more concentrated, it holds up better in your kitchen and gives your food a more robust flavor. In fact, many diners who try meals based on sea salt will always return to this variety. If you haven't tried sea salt yet, give it a shot sometime to see what you think.

Many people aren't aware that white truffles can be made with a black truffle salt alternative. While you don't add the flavor to the white truffles, they can still be seasoned with it. What you do with the black truffle finishing salt is to control the level of the flavor so that they aren't overpowering. Most often the flavors will cancel one another out, creating a very light and fresh aroma. This is a very popular method of creating a high-quality, but inexpensive, appetizer or dessert wine.

Of course, there's nothing stopping you from using black truffle salt in a different form entirely. In fact, there's even an herb called Safflower that has a very mild version of the rich Safflower oil. It's perfect for making a little bit of everything from biscuits, crackers, cornbread to tea. Since it's quite similar to Safflower oil, it pairs beautifully with any summer vegetables or fruits as well.

So, if you've been looking for a way to add a little bit of color to your dishes without using tons of additives, you may find that black truffle salt will do the trick. As with any seasonal seasoning, it'll add a little bit of flair to everything that you put it on, so you'll want to only use it on things when you think it adds flavor to the meal. Plus, since you won't be adding a lot of extra fat to the dish, you'll also be reducing your overall calories by a fair bit. By using it on just a couple of items and sparing the rest of your meals for occasions when you really want to go all out, you can easily eat a healthy diet while still keeping your weight in check.