A Few Popular Wines


Wines a beverage made of fermented grapes. It's an alcoholic beverage usually preferred to be consumed before a meal. It's said to increase appetite. There are many different kinds of wines. Let talk about some:

Red Wines

Pinot Noir – A light red wine whose grapes grow in cold climates. The wine is smooth and has a fruity flavour. There's a cherry-like aroma with a hint of spice. The Pinot Noir goes amazingly well with veal.

Zinfandel – Grown solely in California, the wine has a variety of styles. Most often the Zinfandel is aged in American Oak, giving it an earthy spice jam-like fruity flavour. The perfect pair to complement the wine is grilled or smoked meat. 

Cabernet Sauvignon – the bijou of the Napa Valley, a dark red wine. This robust and rich wine is aged in French oak in which dark fruit are combined with earthy spices 

White Wines:

Pinot Grigio – An Italian white wine that is light and dry. It has a rich fruity flavour like a pear or apple. It has a hint of minerals and floral aroma. The wine goes great with seafood. 

Chardonnay – A full-bodied white wine that had gained global popularity for being the best white wine. The wine is aged in Oak but has a buttery feel to it. The Chardonnay too has an apple or pear-like flavour with a citrus aroma. It goes well with chicken and Christmas turkey. 

Riesling – Originating from the Rhine valley, it's the most popular wine of Germany. It has a honey-like flavour and is sweet and acidic. The Riesling pairs well with Asian cuisine, especially pork. 

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Best White and Rose Wines Under $20


White and rose wines are some of the most fantastic ones to enjoy warm weather. Red wine is known to be enjoyed during the winter but during the summer, it becomes difficult. The only problem is that rose and white wines are quite expensive. However, there are those that don’t cost a lot. These are some of the best white and rose wines that come under $20.

  1. Q Collection Russian River Valley Chardonnay – This single bottle of wine from Russia offers a blend of an awesome taste of different varieties of Chardonnay. Moreover, the bottle is not more than $15.
  2. FlorianaGrunerVeltliner – An awesome wine from Hungary is the FlorianaGrunerVeltliner. Costs only $6, this wine is a light-body that offers fresh bubbly taste.
  3. Kirkland Signature Series Chablis Premiere Cru – if you love enjoying Chardonnay that comes in anunoaked style, then go for this bottle of wine. It is cheap wine and offers a crisp and refreshing taste where many wine lovers love having this wine.
  4. Portal Do FidalgoAlvarinho – Costing at just $11, this Portuguese white wine offers a moment to enjoy every single sip.
  5. Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling – You are bound to find this bottle of wine in almost every wine store around the world. You are bound to enjoy fruity flavors during your sip.
  6. Domaine De CantagrilsPicpoul De Pinet – This wine comes in highly acidic form yet offers a refreshing taste. Perfect to be had with sea-food.

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