Vermiculite Insulation Removal: What You Need To Know

Vermiculite insulation is a type of insulation typically used in construction. It's made up of little mites that can carry out various reactions, and as a result, it can be found in many different places. To learn how vermiculite insulation removal services work, read this article.

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What you need to know about vermiculite insulation removal:

  • Vermiculite insulation release asbestos fibers when damaged
  • Asbestos can be toxic if inhaled or ingested
  • If you think you may have vermiculite insulation in your home, please contact a professional contractor to remove it safely

How to remove vermiculite from your home

1. Get a suitably sized vacuum cleaner. A larger vacuum cleaner will be able to tackle some of the larger pieces of vermiculite, while a smaller vacuum cleaner may be better for picking up smaller pieces.

2. Place newspapers on the floor underneath the areas where you plan to remove the vermiculite insulation. This will help absorb any debris that falls during removal.

3. Disconnect all electrical cables from the vermiculite insulation before starting work. This will avoid any potential shock hazards.

4. Turn off all gas and water valves in the area before beginning work. This will prevent any gas or water leaks that could occur while the vermiculite is being removed.