What Can You Do To Stop Child’s Thumb Sucking Habit?

If you are like most parents, you have seen your child sucking a thumb. This is a natural coping response that makes young children feel safe and secure.

When the baby’s teeth grow in, they start sucking their thumb often at this stage. During the stages of infancy and young child, it is not too much concern. It is during this phase that the baby teeth begin to grow out and are replaced by permanent teeth. Prolonged thumb sucking can cause dental and oral health problems in the coming years. You can also buy thumb sucking guard via www.amazon.com.au/Age-2-7-STOP-Thumb-Sucking/dp/B00VQU2DZS to stop thumb-sucking habits of your child.

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Along with the teaching and enforcement of good dental hygiene is important in preventing childhood dental problems. There are several treatment ideas to encourage children to stop sucking their thumbs. Regardless of which method is used, it is ultimately up to the child to stop the habit.

For this to happen, positive reinforcement is the most successful. Praise and reward your child for not sucking their thumb. Cover the thumb or hand with a Band-Aid or cloth. Take your child’s thumb out of his mouth while they are sleeping. For older children who refuse to decline the habit, dentists may recommend a dental device or a bitter-tasting solution to apply to the thumb.

If the child has permanent teeth and the damage to them is already noticeable, orthodontic treatment will be most recommended.

Usually, with this treatment, good home dental hygiene, and regular visits to the dentist, the harmful effects of thumb sucking are greatly reduced or nearly eliminated by adulthood.