Use of Screen Printing in Modern Industries

Screen printing is the traditional form of printing using a stencil and woven mesh. This technique was developed since ages and some civilization has brought about significant changes and improvements in his method.

Screen-printing came to the western countries at the end of the sixteenth century. Since then some progress was made on this age-old art of printing but still, people use the technique to produce the quality print fabric. You can visit to know the use of screen printings.

Screen printing is mainly used for printing t-shirts. Even today when our market is full of high-quality digital printers, screen printing is not nearly 70 percent of the industrial fabric printing job for us. This proves the fact that the technology is still in trend.

Cost-effectiveness is one of the main reasons for this phenomenon. Screen-printing may take time to produce a number of prints but they are worth in large production plants.

In a large printing company, printing the whole process is divided into different departments. Each individual task associated with printing and its preparatory stages allocated to the different departments on the basis of skills and employment needs. This makes the entire production workflow runs smoothly without any mess.

Digital printing is a modern alternative to screen printing. Nevertheless, even today every manufacturing company t-shirt has screen-printing. No printing company depends entirely on digital printing. Digital printing has its own pros and cons. And when it comes to quality no one can deny the fact that digitally printed t-shirts are the best.

This is because the digital printer produces computer images that are processed on a t-shirt without variation. This gave birth to a photo-realistic culture t-shirt printing. The method is a trendsetter when it was first introduced. However, the application of screen printing is so well established that it is almost impossible to replace the methods with modern techniques.