Same-Gender Couple? – Familiarize Yourself With Tax Exemptions

In general, tax issues can be particularly difficult for same-gender couples compared to hetero-couples. For example, some countries recognize same-gender marriage or treat civil partnerships as marriages, while others do not. 

The states that recognize same-gender marriage are constantly changing, which means that tax issues and potential tax breaks for couples in these states are changing. You can now find the best Orange County tax lawyer to understand taxes in detail. 

Federal Filing Status Options for Same-Sex Couples

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From life situations to a spouse's income, many variables can affect a same-gender spouse's tax liability. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult a tax advisor who is familiar with these variables. 

First, read on for general information about how states and the federal government treat same-gender couples for tax purposes. Regarding state taxes, filing your state tax return will vary based on where you live, whether or not you are in a state recognized. 

If you live in a state of disapproval, you and your partner must register as one person. If you live in an eligible state, you must complete your returns as a married couple for state and federal purposes and comply with married tax laws. 

Regarding federal tax filings, the Supreme Court recently repealed certain provisions of the Federal Marital Protection Act (DOMA) and ruled that the federal government must recognize same-gender couples who are legally married under state law. As a result, same-gender married couples can now file joint federal income tax returns and spouses can receive tax breaks.