How To Start Studying Bhagavad Gita?

An individual must not read Bhagavad-gita to boost his material pursuits and delights, however, to move closer to Krishna. To put it differently, we ought to discover just how to endure for Krishna and hence getting the mercy of Krishna.

Bhagavad-gita has to be read devoting adequate time. Because, it ought perhaps not to be read lightly, enjoy reading a publication. Consequently, in case you browse it sparing time to get this, it is likely to undoubtedly be quite good for you personally. You can even start how to study bhagavad gita through in a better way.


You may read Bhagavad-gita at any moment when you're feeling comfortable. But if you browse early morning, your brain will soon be in Sattva guna longer, and thus, you're able to comprehend it well.

Bhagavad-gita gives new significance once we read it over and over. Since we're conditioned souls, we're in numerous moods at distinct times. Thus, we believe it is fresh every single time we see it.

The lack of a balanced mindset may be the main reason for most of the issues of our own life. That's the reason why you'll find various suicides on the planet. People that actually watch Bhagavad-gita, won't ever commit suicide within his lifetime. 

That really is ensured. Due, this kind of superb excuse to manage downs and ups equally. Read every day or a couple of slokas with translation and apologize. Do not read it lightly like reading a book. Thus, read with complete confidence and dedication with Krishna.