Stand Up Pouches – How Each Style Stands Up

Insiders all accept that stand up pouches have transformed the packaging industry. Their unique structure has opened the door for manufacturers of all kinds of products to take advantage of the brands and merchandising benefits that stand up pouches offer. Additionally, their unique ability to be customized makes them an ideal solution to many packaging needs.

A stand-up pouch is a laminated film bag, usually created from a mixture of different plastics or aluminium foil. They are ideal for makers of food ingredients such as sugar or salt, or even for personal care items such as soap because they eliminate a lot of the excess packaging that moulded plastics and cardboard containers usually create.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, one of the most important things for manufacturers to consider before employing the use of stand up pouch is how they want the consumer to access the product. The choices are many; whether it is through a zipper or a sticker, the method you choose really depends on the type of product contained in the bag.

Here is a brief summary of the different access methods to help you determine which one is best for you:


Stand up pouches that close by a sliding zipper may be the most convenient method for consumers to use. They do not have to use scissors or a knife to open the package and can be easily used by people with arthritis or other health problems that hinder manual dexterity. 


It is a slider method taken to the next level. For consumers who are worried about product tampering, the hooded slider provides an additional layer of protection, giving them peace of mind they need. In this method, a visible tear away seal above the zipper clearly shows whether or not the package has been opened. There is also a seal within the slider itself which provides even more security from tampering.


In this method, a zipper seal bag is closed when the consumer presses the male and female sides of the zipper together, creating a seal locked. This is a very economical method to be used on a stand-up pouch, but not necessarily the most user-friendly.