Smoking Side Effects On Health – For People Who Wanted To Quit Smoking

Smoking effects on health are terrible. Everytime an article is written about the effects of smoking. They point out that the smoke in the cigarette contains nicotine toxic drugs and many other hazardous substances that are harmful to the lungs. 

The terrible and frightening statistics on death due to smoking has never failed to be included in these reports to influence people to stop smoking. If you want to quit smoking but you are failing in it then you can find an alternative like vaping to stop smoking. You can find vaping products from the companies like Vaping is not as harmful as smoking. 

1. Lung cancer: It is always and should be the number on a list 1 of the known effects on health of smoking. After all the smoke contains nicotine and other deadly substances stay in the lungs before being exhaled. A significant amount of these substances remain in the lungs and cause long-term cancer.

2. Oral cancer, throat and esophagus: cigarette smoke naturally passes through these parts of the body during the process of smoke so they are directly affected by the deadly substances in the smoke. After years of smoking cancer can strike even those parts at a young age, but often people to 40 years are affected.

3. stomach and colon cancer, cancers of the cervix, pancreas, bladder and kidney. They are organs of the body that are not directly in contact with toxic smoke cigarettes. But over many years of smoking the accumulation of toxins in the body contributes to limiting the flow of oxygen in these organs killing cancer.