Secure Password Management Strategy

Many people will often use the same password for most of the sites that they use every day. It is dangerous because the hacker would be able to access each of your services and personal information.

Password Generator and Password Manager

The password generator is a service that makes a strong, one of the passwords that are good for you. A secure password is usually composed of at least twelve characters long, contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.  You can know more about password management strategy from

A strong password should not have the words human-readable that you can find in the dictionary. Utilizing good and different login credentials for each of your apps and online sites is very important because it reduces the danger of getting hacked.

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Password Manager is a service that usually keeps all your access credentials in a protected file. This file can only be accessed by your "Master Password". Problems with Password Manager are that they have security concerns are the same as normal sites, because they save users 'Master Password'.

Using Password Generator and Manager

I have devoted quite a lot of my energy doing this investigation to the solution to the problem of handling access credentials; unfortunately, the only thing that you often come across on the web is the Random Password Generator and Password Manager as articulated above.