Parkinson’s Disease – A Quick Guide

Here we discuss the diseases diagnosed by about fifty thousand Americans each year. This disease is Parkinson's disease. It is usually diagnosed in people over the age of 60, but people can get it before the age of 40. By the time you are 60 years old, Parkinson's will be on doctors' radar if new symptoms appear that indicate the disease. 

Paraquat, a herbicide widely used in the United States, has been found to cause Parkinson's disease and can affect people and families in Seattle. If you or a loved one in Seattle has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and has a history of paraquat, you may be eligible for coverage by filing Seattle paraquat lawsuits.

Seattle Paraquat Parkinson's Attorney

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Parkinson's is more common in men than women, according to one study. This disease is an incurable disorder of the patient's nervous system in which the neurotransmitters in the brain fail and cause tremors in the body and limbs that get stronger over time.

Other symptoms include slowness in movement and muscle stiffness. Symptoms without Parkinson's tremor can include relative immobility of body parts, especially the face, which may be perceived as a blank stare or a lack of mask-like expression. When brain cells deteriorate, one of the consequences is Parkinson's disease. This degenerative disease is not inherited or transmitted genetically, and very little information is known about the causes of the condition. 

That being said, Parkinson's disease is known to be caused by severe substance abuse or certain types of head injuries. Surprisingly, research shows that smokers are less likely to develop Parkinson's disease, leading experts to believe that nicotine may have some protective properties against fluctuations caused by Parkinson's disease. So smoking is ultimately profitable.