Facts To Know About Air Compressors

4) Facts To Know About Air Compressors

The use of air compressors as a device goes back to the beginning of time. The human race has utilized compressed air for hundreds of years to warm its home or cook food, as well as move objects. The first type of compressor used was the bellows, which were used in blasting air into the flame. You can search online for buying the best quality air compressors.

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These compacting units were powered by humans or animal power to pressurize. They were replaced with mechanical air compressors that were utilized for industrial use. Thanks to advances in science compressors became smaller in size and were utilized outside of factories, such as aids for diving underwater, or for powering pneumatic drills and tools.

Air compression devices were used in the past since BC and were made from leather. The first compressed air devices had to be opened and closed by hand. The model was later improved by adding intake valves and handles. 

However, the more modern version was still a hand – or foot-powered device that was used to blow out fires. Later, the foot-powered compressors were replaced with water wheels.

As science advances the development of air compressors, new models were developed to increase the possibilities of compression. Around 1650, German researcher Otto von Guericke created one piston and cylinder air pump.