The Use Of Symbolism In Bed Sheets And Carpet Rugs

Bed sheets and carpet rug is one of the items most commonly used, especially in households Asia, and symbolism in it has been prevalent and used since ancient times.  

Modern-day show was the introduction of other design and the increasing trend showed a tendency towards geometric prints and wackiest colors. Symbolism becomes a way to express things and now even non-Muslim designers who come up with creations that do not necessarily incorporate the depiction of humans and other living creatures. You can navigate for getting more knowledge about carpet designing.

A perfect example would be that of an online store that houses the bed sheets and rugs with a modern touch and feel weird retro. It also gives consumers the chance to get some of the most unique and exclusive rugs carpet and bedding online without having to venture out of the house. Let's look at some of their popular themes and designs that have received the admiration of many.

Kukkiballi, the name given to the flower of love-in-a-mist passion, depicted in the form of a circle whose center radiate out.

Jiddu, the design life for a modern space.

Puzzikoli, trailing Jasmine, aroma spread through the intertwining

Musi, rhythmic city, represented by the abstract color blocks.

Akeru, where the borders of traditional temple designs are given a contemporary edge through directional pattern.