Why Roller Blinds Are So Popular In Melbourne

Roller Blinds Image

Keeping up with trends in this modern age can be tiresome. Some people thrive on keeping up with the latest fads, being called early adopters. Other members of society prefer to err on the side of caution and not jump straight into the latest trends, making them appear more “traditional” in their tastes. 

Sometimes, the environment in which people live contributes to consumer decisions. For residents of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, harsh summers and winters are a reality. With utilities such as power and gas rising in cost, consumers are pressed to find good solutions to control their living and working environments. One such solution is roller blinds. Keep reading below to find out just why roller blinds are popular in Melbourne and how they can make a difference to your home. 


Roller blinds are versatile in their use in different environments. Roller blinds can create a homely or professional feel, allowing them to be used appropriately in both work and home environments. Additionally, roller blinds are able to be customised so that they can be used in different rooms to achieve different outcomes.

For example, blinds of sheer material and appearing thin or translucent are often highly appropriate for rooms such as dining rooms, kitchens or laundries. These areas are traditionally quite light and the fabric of the blinds allows further customisation. Kitchens could have teacup patterns and dining rooms could have leaves or other landscape patterns. 

Conversely, bedrooms or lounge and theatre rooms benefit from the ability to control the amount of light in a room. Sometimes greater amounts of light are desirable. However, other times such as early summer mornings, or movie times, are synonymous with dark rooms. 

Environmental Control

In the modern world, people are growing more accustomed to being able to control their environment. People can control the intensity and colour of their lights, the wallpapers of their phones, or even customise ringtones for different people in a contact list. 

Block out blinds facilitate further control by allowing people to provide additional levels of insulation to window fixtures. Window insulation allows rooms to stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This is a highly valuable feature in a city like Melbourne where summers are hot and winters are cold. 

Being able to control the light and temperature in an environment is yet another feature of the ability to control an environment. People completing shift work and wanting to sleep in the day in order to adjust their body clock can now do so by creating a sleeping environment so dark, not a sliver of light is able to enter the room. 


People’s working habits further create a misalignment of traditional concepts of time. Where people used to work and conduct their lives in the day and socialise or rest at night, people nowadays lead to more fluid lives. Time is a fluid concept and, as it is one of the most precious commodities, people are continuously looking for ways to optimise their lives. 

By installing roller blinds in their homes, Melbournites are able to further capitalise on their lives, increasing their social or working capacity by freeing up time that would otherwise be spent cleaning. Roller blinds are simple to clean through the use of water and microfiber cloths, allowing the time-poor to still reap the benefits of clean and well-maintained blinds. 

Residents of Melbourne, Victoria, are continually searching for ways to control and optimise their lives. Although it may seem trivial, roller blinds provide the flexibility and control people are looking for over some of the most uncontrollable aspects of life such as time, day, night and convenience. For more information about all things blinds click here