Pool Cover Rollers – How Do You Choose Best One?

Casters make pool covers much easier to handle and use. In fact, it takes about a minute to remove the cover from the pool with the roller, and even less than to put it back on. Many casters are equipped with four locking wheels that allow you to easily move the roller cover when not in use.

How to choose a role to cover the pool?

There are many automatic pool covers in the market and choosing the right one for your pool will depend on a number of factors.

* If you have a larger pool, say 50 square meters or more, it may be advisable to choose a fully movable roller with 4 locking wheels. This allows you to move the lid easily. In addition, fully articulated rollers are usually further from the bottom to the tube sheet, which allows for a more winding cover on the roller. 

* Avoid telescopic tubes whenever possible. One-piece pipes are simpler, there are no screws or plugs in the middle of the pipe that leave small gaps in the pipe to drain chlorine and rusty water, so one-piece pipes are usually fine.

* Think about persistence when choosing. Casters with plastic feet or feet that are constantly exposed to the sun will not last as long as aluminum casters. Casters with plastic feet or legs should be avoided, even if they are less expensive. Currently, there are many powder-coated aluminum rollers that are competitively priced with plastic versions.

Accessories For In-Ground Pool Covers

Maintaining your pool is no easy task. However, it can be more convenient and effective if you are using a pool cover. The cover will protect the water from debris. The cover also ensures the safety of children and pets to play in the pool.

For using the swimming pool covers more effectively, the owner should consider getting some important accessories for this.

You should consider getting a swimming pool cover reel. You can use it to roll up a blanket over it, so you do not need to fold it up and store it somewhere else.

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More importantly, the reel provides easy installation of the cover over the pool. This saves a lot of effort and time. The reel allows only one person to do the installation and this provides extra comfort for all owners.

There are different types of reels for an in-ground swimming pool cover that you can choose from. The standard models are manually operated. You just have to turn the crank in a different direction to roll and unroll the cover. This, of course, requires some effort, but it is generally not a difficult task.

Or, you can choose a model with automatic retraction. This saves time and effort when you unroll the cover. It's up to you to decide whether you can afford to invest in a swimming pool pump cover and whether it will be useful to you.