Real estate prices in Singapore

This article examines some of the latest trends in Singapore property prices. Most indicators suggest that the price is moving further north.

The quarterly price index compiled by the Urban Development Plan (URA) shows that private residential real estate prices rose 0.6% in the third quarter of 2012; while the price increase in the second quarter of 2012 was only 0.4%. To get more details about Pullman residences prices you may check here

Real estate prices in Singapore

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A similar upward trend is observed in the Singapore Housing Price Index (NUS) in Singapore (SRPI) developed by the Real Estate Research Institute. Unlike the URA price index, the SRPI is a monthly index that only takes into account developments in the price of private non-rural residential real estate.

However, the URA price index covers a wide range of property categories. Specifically for private non-terrestrial housing, the URA index shows a price increase of 0.5% in two consecutive quarters. The SRPI reflects a 0.6% increase for September 2012.

For the public housing landscape in Singapore, the HDB resale price index has recorded a steady increase in HDB resale price since the first quarter of this year. With figures corresponding to 0.6, 1.3 and 2% for the first, second and third quarters

Based on a study by Don from New York, Assoc. Prof. Tikal Absinthe, property prices in Singapore have risen above the affordable level of 4 percent per year. This figure is based on a Singaporean lifetime income.

The continued boom in house prices coupled with quantitative easing measures in the US, Japan, and Europe have led governments in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong to take cooling measures to prevent homebuyers from being overloaded.

An Introduction To Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings are a type of home that many people look at today. While the concept of owning a home is one that is appealing to many people their lifestyles may preclude them from being able to buy or live in the house of their dreams.

This is where the search for the right apartment to come. Various apartment buildings that you will find are designed to give prospective homeowners with nowhere to stay. Pullman residences are one of the best apartments to opt for. You can also check out the pullman residences projects in Singapore.

At this time see what services are provided by the apartment building is a good idea. You will find that most of the new apartment buildings have a good security system in place. This security also extends to the underground parking area.

There are apartment buildings where facilities such as cable TV and high-speed internet connection is put into use are ready for a new tenant. In addition, there are other facilities. It will include a well-equipped sports center in a different part of the apartment.

There are some house hunting items that tenants look for when they think about renting space from an apartment building. In order to ensure that you are getting the apartment you want is sometimes the best if you ask for a tour of the floor where your apartment is located.

Once you have looked at the various entrances, exits and emergency exits you can ask where items such as garbage disposal and a laundry room can be found. While this may seem unimportant at first they need that you should look into after you've moved.