Preschool Alphabet Activities in Singapore

One of the very first things we need to do when learning as children is to learn our alphabet so that we can read. Without understanding your letters, in whatever language you may have as your native tongue, you will not be able to excel in other subjects.

Here are some super cool ways to help your preschoolers learn the alphabet through fun and games.

There are so many play based preschool in Singapore.

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Scrapbooking –

One of the growing areas in arts and crafts is scrapbooking.

With your children, what you can do is put together a scrapbook that has one page per letter of the alphabet. Cut out letters and pictures from old magazines, newspapers, or junk mail and have the kids paste them onto the appropriate pages. Preschool alphabet activities are really easy , if you look hard enough.

Label House Hold Items –

Write the name or draw a picture of things around the house and tape them to those objects. Another option: have the kids tell you what they are called, and show them how to spell it letter by letter. Repeat often as you pass by these labeled objects so the children can memorize them.

Play and jump around –

Preschoolers love to play, let's face it. They love games like "Simon Says" and "Follow the Leader". Well, let's be real fun about the alphabet and have them do some active learning. For example, "A" is an airplane, have them pretend they are an airplane. "B" is for Ball, you can play with a ball. "C" is for the clap, and you can clap.

This type of game would go through all of your alphabet letters, using whatever activity you can think of that starts with the letter you are on.