Know More About Plastic Recycling Process

Plastic bottles make your life so much simpler. They're the best way to contain and carry many kinds of liquid, from water and soft drinks to oil to household cleaners and baby formula. Plastic bottles are a wonderful invention. But what happens when the container is empty?

These plastic bottles fill up landfills and as plastic decays, it can give off chemicals that get into our water and air and can make people, plants, and animals sick. To solve these problems, people have worked together to develop the plastic bottle recycling processes and convert them into other useful items, including clothes, furniture, fences, and new plastic bottles, bags, and containers.

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There are many steps to recycling. First, bottles must be taken from homes, businesses, or other locations. Next, each plastic bottle should be separated from the metal, glass, or other items that are being recycled. Plastic bottles can also be sorted according to the type of plastic they are made from. Finally, the bottles must be cleaned to remove food, liquids, and chemical residue.

Next, all of the bottles are ground up and shredded into flakes. The bottles are then melted down into small pellets about the same size as a grain of rice. The pellets are then wrapped up and sold to companies that can melt them into various products. Think about all the plastic toys, gadgets, tools, and other items you have at home. Many of these items are made from recycled plastic.