What is an Opportunity Class?

Since 1932, Opportunity Class (OC), has been offered in all NSW primary schools. They are offered to academically gifted and talented children in Years 5 and 6. The OC exams are available in selective schools throughout NSW. 

There are 75 primary schools offering opportunity classes at the moment. These OC classes aim to give students a stimulating and educational environment that will stimulate their minds and equip them with the necessary skills to shape their futures. 

Psychological studies show that highly intelligent children, i.e., tend to get bored quickly and lose interest in the class. These children can thrive in a competitive and highly engaging environment at Opportunity Class, which is designed to help them achieve their highest potential.

The class can be administered in a variety of ways, giving students the freedom to choose when and how to apply. There are a few ways that OC can be administered in schools. These include a Year 5 opportunity,  Year 6 opportunity, and Year 5-6 opportunity class. 

A composite class is a mix of non-opportunity and chance students. Importantly, being enrolled in Opportunity Classes does not guarantee that the student will be accepted into Selective High School. However, students shouldn't be discouraged from enrolling in Opportunity Classes if they are able. It provides a competitive environment as well as a glimpse into being enrolled at Selective High Schools.

OC is highly competitive, which is one reason why it feels like a Selective High school. Each school has a different OC score. The OC exam gives parents a good idea of how their children perform in highly competitive environments.