All about Paint Booths and Drying Systems

Depending on the type of product, the amount of production, and the identity of the paint booth product, large-capacity flow facility may be used. They can be treated with products of different dimensions or with the same high-quality products.

Such facilities today can be fully automated and robotic, and humans only take control functions. Objects of this type are needed and justified only in the largest production facilities and require huge investments. You can get more information about open face paint booths via online sources.

Much more common is the need for flexible paints in which it is possible to treat the entire product range of a company or to carry out the service of varnishing various products.

No matter what kind of a paint shop, they must meet the basic requirements:

  • ensuring the highest quality of varnishing (surface protection);
  • guarantee the legal working condition
  • to provide the conditions prescribed by law for the protection of personnel and the environment (applicable environmental laws and human);
  • Ensuring safe operation against fire and explosion protection (PP valid and legal protection of PEX).

Also, no matter what the painting facility, their technology consists of:

  • section (room) for varnishing preparation – cleaning, puttying and grinding;
  • room paint application;
  • dying room.

In practice, the whole process of treating a subject is cyclically repeated. The number of cycles depends on the type of medium and the required quality level. The main elements of each paint booth are suction and supply air systems, filters, sensors control and security sensors.