A Brief Introduction About Instacart Driver App

Instacart is expanding rapidly, which means they are constantly looking for drivers and buyers. Working for Instacart is great instead of driving for other delivery applications. If you do not want to deal with passengers, or your car does not pass the provisions for Uber or Lyft, Instacart could be for you. Check over here to know about how to work for instacrat.

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Instacart also hires buyers who do not deliver. So if you do not own a vehicle, you could still get some work.

Similar to other delivery applications, Instacart connects shoppers with independent contractors. The main difference between applications is the type of order being delivered. Instacart focuses mainly on complete deliveries of food in the local store.

If you are not familiar with Instacart, it is a food delivery service. Instacart pays people to do shopping in local stores. The Instacart workers are responsible for delivering the food to the customer.

Instacart uses two types of workers: In-Store Shopper or Full-Service Shopper. Deciding which type of buyer you want to be will depend largely on the type of work you are looking for and how much money you earn.

For example, shoppers in stores have a limit on the number of hours they are allowed to work each week. Shoppers in stores are allowed to work max for 29 hours. Although the boundaries of this part-time position can be daunting. There is a positive side: Shoppers in stores are not asked for drive anywhere.