Hot Shot Freight Services In North Carolina

Hot Shot freight refers to a load that is larger than individual units of 150 pounds going to one location and smaller than the amount that will fill a truck more than half full.

Hot Shot freight is not particularly profitable for most transport companies and, therefore, truck drivers. Some companies, which specialize in less than truckload lading, have found ways to make an enormous profit by not viewing Hot Shot freight as an inconvenience but rather as an opportunity. You can also get the hot shot transportation services via

The main issue with Hot Shot freight is the fact that in most cases the loads are too weighty to be effectively handled by parcel carriers. This can be terribly expensive as each load will be handled independently. It is also difficult for the transportation companies because they have to choose between charging a customer a larger fee to make a profit or having to transport a load in a half-empty truck.

Companies that have decided to focus on Hot Shot freight are able to handle the loads more effectively since they have access to alternative equipment, i.e. smaller trucks and more contracts that regularly ship less than truckload shipments.

If a truck driver is interested in dealing with smaller loads and more established routes he may want to consider looking into a career specializing in Hot Shot Freight. He should look into the wide range of companies that deal with such shipping options. For those who are interested in pursuing Hot Shot as a career, they may have to move to another area of the country to find employment, but those that are in the Hot Shot freight sector often say that it's great.