Advantages Of Using Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

The geothermal heat pump system may be one of the most prominent innovations lately in the field of heating and cooling. This heat pump system works in a similar way to that of a traditional cooling system with fluid in the pipeline is used to dissipate or absorb heat from its surroundings.

However, unlike the use of air conditioning around the outside atmosphere to maintain the temperature requirements, heat pump system works on the basement level.

Temperatures around 10 feet below the ground remain constant irrespective of changes in the weather on the ground. This approach, offering greater efficiency into the system, and can heat and cool faster because the units are not combat ambient temperature.

As far as statistics go, ground source geothermal heat pump system is capable of performing at efficiency levels that are at least 400x more efficient than air conditioning available on the market, and 200x better than most gas furnaces on the market.

This device can work with one kilowatt / hour of energy to produce 12,000 BTU cooling and heating, compared to 2.2 Kilowatts / hour of energy required by most other standard systems to produce the same amount of output.

Although the system is initially expensive, they ended up costing much less than other traditional systems.

The system is environmentally friendly and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equivalent to 750 trees. There is no combustion in this system, which means there are no emissions into the environment.