How to Choose a Snooker Cue Case, Hard Or Soft?

The cue case is a very important piece of gear for anybody who plays cue sports. The situation will protect the cue from becoming damaged when you're carrying it around to all those snooker venues. You can buy amazing custom protection cases at evolution gear in Australia.

Most cues nowadays are two-piece with a 50/50 split or a so-called 3/4 divide at which the split at the cue is 3/4 of the way down the shaft using a buttocks end. This way of course you want a bigger case for your 3/4 split cues.

Evolution Gear - Protective Cases Solutions

There are essentially two sorts of snooker cue case, tender, and attaché or challenging circumstances. The least expensive option is obviously the soft cue case, perfect for protection against spillages and grime although not much good at preventing the cue from becoming bent.

Snooker cue cases are available in many different colors and designs nowadays, from the standard black situation with the company's monogram on it, (which appears the very best in my estimation ) to flashy colors and flag designs, leather and wood impacts, the list is infinite. Thus you're certain to find something to fit your preferences.

Costs vary based upon the scenario, and if it's made of genuine leather or leather result fabric, and if it's a soft cloth kind case or a metal or wood case. The costs start from #10 to get a cheap soft instance to #50 or even more for your"full metal jacket" signal case. Whichever you opt to rely on your own pocket, be sure to get one for the cue to safeguard it, snooker cue cases are certainly worth the investment.