Eco Friendly Birthday Party Celebration Ideas

Chances are you'll find at least one article about global warming or climate change in any magazine or newspaper today. You can easily check on the website for these unique Birthday kits.

These are not vague terms that you will find in environmental journals, but the harsh and disturbing realities of our times. Do the gifts we give to our loved ones contribute to or decrease the longevity of our planet?

These are the top eco-friendly gifts that are not only great for themselves but also make a positive impact on the environment.

1. Organic clothing and accessories, Terry towels or robes made with only organic cotton or bamboo– These make wonderful (romantic!) gifts for your wife on an anniversary. Organic comforters, bedding, and sheets are also great options.

2. Gifts made of recycled paper

Here you will find a variety of celebratory cards, beautifully designed recycled paper bags, journals, books, and even paper lanterns. These lanterns, which are of Oriental design, are now available in stores. They are solar-powered and don't require electricity. They are a wonderful addition to any home.

3. Organic and natural personal care products

Did you know that there are non-toxic nail varnish removers available? People are becoming more aware of the harm that indiscriminate use of natural resources and chemicals has done. 

4. Be practical with a green twist

The washing machine uses a lot of electricity to spin dry clothes. It is simple and effective, however. The wooden drying rack cuts down on electricity consumption and makes use of natural sunlight and air.