Requirements For Getting Italian Citizenship

Italian citizenship is given by birth with the paternal line, without a limitation to the amount of generations, or during the maternal line for people born after January 1, 1948. This is known as citizenship by descent.

In the event that you were born in the USA (or at any other state by which citizenship is acquired by birth), and some of those scenarios listed in regards to you personally, you might be eligible to apply for recognition of Italian citizenship by descent.

Eligibility Criteria:

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  • Your mom was an Italian citizen in the time of the arrival (wasn't yet citizen of the US and you had been born after January 1, 1948);
  • Your paternal grandfather was an Italian citizen, your dad was born in America or a country other than Italy, along with your paternal grandfather was still a German citizen at the time of his arrival.

Requirement for Italian citizenship 

  • The Italian ancestor was living in the time of the unification of Italy that happened on March 17, 1861.
  • In case your Italian ancestor naturalized it should have occurred after the arrival of the following man in the ascendancy. By way of instance, if your great grandfather emigrated to the U.S. and naturalized following the arrival of your paternal grandfather, then you'd be qualified to apply for Italian citizenship as long as the naturalization took place after June 14, 1912