How You Know You Need Furnace Repair

Now it is true that there is no furnace will be completely silent. But if it starts making loud moan, guttering, banging noises, you may want to get it checked by a professional. 

The voices of your brand furnace should not scare you at night. If they do, you may have a loose belt or parts that will break. You can have a peek here to get the best furnace repair service.

They Should Make Heat

It seems a little obvious, right? It can be hard to say, though, especially when the weather is not cold. If you feel the nip in the air and you crank up the thermostat but still need to throw on an extra sweater, you may need to consult a furnace repair service. 

This could be a problem with the thermostat itself, but it can also be a problem further as channel leak.

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Suddenly High Electric Bills

If suddenly, for no reason you can discern, your electric bills go through the roof, you may have your furnace efficiency issues: your bills go up because the units you use extra electricity to do its job.

A Yellow Pilot Light

If you check your furnace and saw the yellow pilot light, this could indicate a problem. You may have an imbalance in gas or gas combination you do not want, such as carbon monoxide. Ideal light pilot flame should be blue.

Increased Sneezing or Asthma Attack

If you or your family begins to experience more respiratory-related problems such as asthma attacks or allergic reactions, you may need to repair the furnace. You can put a unit mold and dust into the air, allowing it to circulate through your home.

Ice Where It Should not

Ice in the basement or on the roof can indicate a problem. This could mean that your furnace is no longer able to heat your entire house. 

It could also mean that the heat is leaking through the attic and do not circulate well throughout the house. If you find a place ice in your house, but your freezer, you should contact a professional to check it out.