Services Offered by the Dentist in Texas

It really only takes one unfortunate accident for a dental crown to be badly damaged, said a dentist in Texas. Patients coming to our dental practice presenting with trauma resulting from all kinds of situations; some scary and others down-right outrageous!

But, whether one or more of your pearly whites have become damaged or broken due to tooth decay, a car accident or even when trying to open a beer bottle with your teeth, dentists from Texas can restore your healthy smile for former glory. If you are looking around in your province particularly, you can consider Comfort Dental in Stoneoak, TX to get your dental crown treatment.

Texas Dental Crowns

"Dental crowns are restorations consisting of ceramic material which is extremely hard and durable," explained dentists in Texas. "If a patient comes to the dentist with a tooth crown that is severely damaged, they will first determine what the health status of the rest of the teeth is.

If there is nothing wrong with the tooth root, the dental crown can quite easily be used to restore the function of the bite and smile aesthetics. " While dental implants offer a fantastic solution for single and multiple missing teeth, it is always better to do whatever it takes to keep your original adult teeth.