How Does Flu Affect Your Health?

Flu is a very common disease that makes almost every person sick once in a while. No matter how good you take care of your health, if your immunity is weak you will suffer from it anyhow. Having a strong immunity is the key to fight every disease. Today people are doing anything and everything to have a strong immunity and they are able to prevent any sickness. Visiting a family physician at on a regular basis is very important. You might not be the person who does a regular check up very often but you shouldn't be okay with that. 

A flu can affect you in many ways. First thing that the flu does to your body is weaken your immunity. This happens to a lot of people that after suffering from flu they do not feel very active as before. A weak immunity also invites various other health issues. You might not notice if but if a person who falls sick again and again due to some or the other issues the reason behind it is always a weak immunity. 

Another effect of flu is it gives us irritation and bad headaches and body pains. Sometimes you might suffer a great dizziness. If flu is not treated on time it can also impact the liver and heart. Studies have also proved that flu can cause a complication which can lead to pneumonia as well.