FLEX Flameless Ventilation System

The FLEX flameless explosive ventilation device is a suitable solution for the installation of technological devices in buildings or in production rooms. In contrast to conventional explosion vents, where temperatures can reach up to 1,500 °C, the FLEX device can cool the flame and flue gas temperatures to levels that are harmless to the technology and people around the system.

There is a risk of explosion from flammable dust, including molten or metallic dust, in locations where such dust is handled in any way. You can also browse the internet to learn in detail about flameless venting systems.

The use of conventional blast ventilation indoors or near protected technology outdoors can be undesirable because of the risks to workers, their health and lives, and the surrounding production technology.

Advantages of flameless vents:

1) Efficient interception of flame and temperature.

2) Providing a safe zone for technology, construction, and people.

3) Suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

4) High efficiency and reliability of the system.

5) Easy installation and maintenance-free operation.

6) Elimination of high costs for building modifications.

7) Economically convenient solution.

8) 100% efficiency with flameless explosion venting.

9) Possibility of application on technologies processing dust with high values of explosion parameters, including light metal dust (Al, Mg, etc.).

10) Certified for explosive dust with extremely low values of minimum initiation energy and minimum initiation temperature (MIE, MIT).

The Most Efficient Industrial Dust Collection System

Industrial dust collectors are used as a form of industrial air purifier. Most industrial dust collectors are used in workplace production to process large amounts of air and remove fine particles. You can easily find the best dust collection system at Euratex.

Buying Guide to Dust Collector Systems - Pollution Control Systems

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Without an efficient industrial dust collection system, particulate matter can accumulate in the air in the workplace and affect employee health and affect the proper functioning of equipment.

There are several types of industrial dust collection systems, each with a unique method of removing dust from the air. It is difficult to determine which industrial dust collection system is the most effective, but read below for the basics of each type.

Electrostatic settling is an industrial dust collection device that uses an electrostatic charge to separate dust from the incoming air stream. Dusty air is "evacuated" in the system, flowing through the pre-filter and through the negative and positive electrodes, where the particles in turn adhere to the positively charged ground electrode or collecting plate. After the particles are removed, clean air flows through the second air filter and returns to the chamber.

Industrial media filtration processes are used to filter dust from the incoming air stream with a filter or cloth. When the cloth is placed in an air stream, the dust particles are retained on the cloth and "powder cake" is created. Indeed, as the baking powder increases, it becomes a more efficient collection device, trapping more particles from the incoming air.