How to Care for an Esperanza Plant

There are many names for the esperanza plant – yellow bells, trumpet flowers, and yellow elders. The esperanza blossom is yellow with a trumpet-shaped shape. There are also 'Gold Star' and 'Sparklette esperanza plant' varieties that are very popular. Some hybrids even have orange or red flowers. According to Texas A&M University Aggie Horticulture, esperanza can either be grown as a perennial or an annual depending on the climate.

Esperanza Plant Light & Water

The esperanza is a popular Mexican and Texas plant. It loves bright, full sun, as evidenced by its popularity. This fast-growing plant can withstand a lot of heat. If you have the right care, you can expect rapid growth and repeated flowering in a sunny area.

esperanza plant

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Don't be discouraged if your esperanza takes some time to bloom. Some plants might not bloom until September or August. Late showers can be especially common when plants are grown from seeds or have experienced a winter freeze.

Experts recommend that yellow bells be watered on a weekly schedule. It is better to let the soil dry out between watering sessions than to keep it moist. You can increase the frequency of watering in extreme heat. The same applies to esperanza plants that are grown in containers.

Esperanza Soil Uses and Needs

The neutral alkaline loamy soil is preferred by the esperanza plants. This is another reason why it's considered easy to grow. The esperanza requires well-drained soil to encourage flowering. It is not susceptible to pests and doesn't require pruning.