Why Choose Small Delivery Van?

An electric delivery van is an electric vehicle that can impress in any environment. The top model is one of the few in its category to achieve a negotiable 35% slope, and its performance is comparable to that of a 4WD vehicle.

The version with an electric delivery van, ideal for sending mail and parcels, work goods, and equipment, has no restrictions for pollution-free traffic and, thanks to its compact size (140 cm wide), it can also drive through narrow roads. A 100% electric van can reduce your environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions while using your car for work and cutting costs. You can also get more information about small delivery van via https://westwardindustries.com/delivery-cargo/.

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It is an ideal partner for getting around the city as it is congested, provides access to areas where other types of vehicles are not permitted, and is quiet. Electric vans are chosen by companies with urban businesses to make their fleets environmentally friendly by reducing the environmental impact of their activities.

The electric delivery van can reach a range of up to 200 km with a lithium battery. All models have excellent ride comfort and maximum stability. Emission-free minibusses are electric vehicles approved at the European level.

To ensure your van is ready for use at all times, you can choose between a lithium fast-charging system or a battery swap system so your car is ready to go every time. Electric carriers can have closed boxes with side sliding doors or with side curtains.