Helping Your Child’s Transition To Primary School

The change from kindergarten of a child to primary education is a big action towards their growth and we can see that the child goes through several mood swings, anxiety, and fear of the new environment.

As parents, you must help the child's stage in primary school with as small anxiety as feasible. You can get the best information about a primary school in Amsterdam via

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Here are some steps you can reduce anxiety in your child.

1. Talk – Children love to talk, but when it comes to expressing their fear of the unknown, it is hard for them to talk. Try a small story about your childhood and the first day of elementary school, the fears you have encountered, and engage the child to talk.

2. Try to meet new classmates – If the child moves in a primary in the same school, chances are that the child's friends are also progressing in a meeting before the start of the school year to help all children bond better.

3. Functional test – Many schools allow children to come to class two days before the actual start of the educational sessions. Take your child to school and show him/her around the classroom, toilets, playground, pass some time.

4. Practice what is already learned – The transition to primary school is not just about the emotional journey that takes the child, but also the intellectual journey that is the kickoff. Parents can buy/do worksheets to help children prepare to face the new school year without much stress studies.