Torn Earlobe is Repaired by Plastic Surgery in Cheshire

Ear jewelry has been worn for thousands of years as a way to improve one's appearance. Ear ornaments can be made from rings, posts, and other items. They are still very popular today. Although there are many parts of the ear that can be pierced; the earlobe is the most common.

The earlobe, unlike the rest of your ear, has no cartilage to support it. The earlobe can be damaged by trauma or large earring weights, or they may pull through the earlobe. Split earlobes are not only difficult to cover, but they also make it difficult to continue wearing ear jewelry. So you can opt and also check out more about earlobe repair surgery from the link

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In Cheshire, split earlobe repair is common and can be done easily in the office for a very low price. Some cases may only have an enlarged ear lobe, but others will show a full tear that creates an inverted V shape. Reconstruction can take many forms depending on the problem. However, in all cases, the skin that is lining the tear or hole is removed, creating new skin edges to rebuild.

There are many minor variations in earlobe repair. All with the intention of leaving the earlobe with an outer skin border that is smooth and notched. They can all be done successfully, regardless of whether they are straight-line or z-plasty. In most cases, the straight-line closure has proven to be the best. My experience has shown that the fear of having an angled earlobe border is not true.

To avoid tension, it is important to completely resection all edges of the tear. In Cheshire, the simple procedure of repairing a split or torn earlobe can be performed by plastic surgeons. It works well. It is important to have it done.