Drone Follow these Rules and So Should You

photography in Perth drone


If you own a drone, then make sure you follow some of these rules.

  1. Avoid Going Fast – Flying a drone is all about catching cinematic shots. This only happens when you fly slowly. Moreover, flying slowly means you are in control of the drone.
  2. Avoid Rushing to Shoot – If you happen to be in an amazing location, do not be in rush. At the time of flight, you may not be aware of obstacles. If you happen to fly in an amazing location, go slow to get that amazing footage.
  3. Avoid Jerky Movements – When you fly your drone, your movements shouldn’t be jerky. In order to avoid bad results for your shot, you should have control over the joysticks of your drone.
  4. Avoid Flying ASAP – Instead of just flying directly as soon as you reach the location, consider making a plan. Ensure you look around the area for obstacles. Doing so helps you to get the shot you need along with causing less stress on the batteries. Therefore, even if you are excited, go slow.
  5. Avoid Shooting Boring Shots – Avoid shooting a video that has the same movement. Get some inspiration by watching movies that are comprised of drone shots. Using the movements from your movie will give your audience that looks and feels great watching your video. For instance; you can try orbit shots clockwise or anticlockwise for a beautiful aerial shot.

Follow these tips that will improve your drone videoography in Perth an awesome feel and look in your next project.