Sales Marketing Training Program

Are you an independent sales professional or a small business owner? If so, you may have had success in sales, but you may also be feeling shy and unsure where to turn or what to do to keep your business growing?

Neither sales nor marketing is the whole story when it comes to your professional success, but rather partnerships that will allow you to achieve extraordinary results.

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What does marketing do? First, I want to make it clear that there are two types of marketing, traditional marketing and tailored marketing for small independent professionals. This article is written for the small independent professional because traditional marketing doesn't work for people like us.

In marketing tailored for the small, independent professional marketer, you can do one of two things. You can use your marketing either as a lead generation tool or as a direct selling tool.

If you are a service professional such as an insurance agent, financial advisor, attorney, etc., your marketing should focus on generating leads. Next-generation marketing communicates your message to the right people to get those people to connect with you.

What do sales do? Selling is a process you follow to help people who already know they want what you have get the information they need to make purchases the way they want.

The safe selling process is a process where you help others make decisions instead of trying to sell them something. Selling is a process that makes money in the bank because ultimately during the sales process someone chooses to move out if what you have is what they want.