Chipping Your Car for Better Performance

Crushing or tuning chips is one method of increasing engine performance. Efficiency can mean more power, more torque, better fuel consumption, or lower emissions.

Specifically, the term refers to the modification or replacement of the EPROM chip in a vehicle engine control unit (ECU). The chip stores a software program or card that controls how the machine is controlled. 

Replacing or reprogramming chips is an effective way to improve engine performance. You can get the best diesel chip tuning in Australia via

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By moving the ECU, a large amount of extra torque and power can be safely removed from your engine without overloading the vehicle. If you have made changes to a vehicle that affects the fuel system, e.g., if you make changes to the engine, intake, or exhaust, it is a good idea to adjust the ECU to suit those changes.

A mis-coordinated chip or control unit can interfere with performance and handling and even damage the car at an early stage.

However, you can avoid these dangers by choosing a reputable company that will handle your car.

After the ECU is peeled off or diverted, the car will have higher horsepower and extra torque. The engine generates more torque at lower revs for faster throttle response and better acceleration.

Shifting is smoother and faster, performance is smoother across the range, and flat spots are eliminated. Because fuel burns more efficiently, you tend to use less fuel during normal driving.