What Is The Job Of Radiation Oncology Medical Physicists

Radiation Oncology Medical Physicists (ROMP) are experts in radiation physics, specifically the interaction of radiation with the human body when used to identify the location and treat cancer. 

They will evaluate and monitor the safety of patients and staff involved in radiation therapy (also called radiotherapy). You can also look for the best radiation oncology medical physicist via https://med-phys.com/services/radiation-oncology/.

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They operate with other people of the radiation oncology team, IT specialists, and engineers to ensure that all radiation therapy tools and computers work properly and comply with international and national standards.

Like all members of the Radiation Oncology team, ROMP performs routine quality checks of equipment and software to ensure that the highest quality and most accurate radiation therapy is available. 

They will oversee safety, assist radiation oncologists and radiation therapists in planning treatment, and are also responsible for properly installing and calibrating equipment during initial installation. 

They also develop, implement and supervise modern cancer treatment technologies. Patients are unlikely to experience ROMP during treatment, but their job is important in ensuring that radiation therapy is safe and accurate.

Main responsibility

Researching and identifying clinical problems, developing solutions, and implementing quality management programs.

Participate in the development of new image-oriented and intensely modulated radiation therapy, TomoTherapy, brachytherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, and MR-oriented treatment planning and delivery programs, including adaptive radiation therapy.