Basic Dental Equipment and Dental Instruments

If you've been making frequent visits to different dentists, you should notice that some equipment and instruments they use look strikingly the same. These dental equipment and instruments are essential for a dentist to complete his dental work.

Dental chair

The dental chair is probably the most prominent part of dental equipment in the treatment room. Dentists either purchase a brand new or refurbished dental chair when they start a general practice.

Basic Dental Equipment and Dental Instruments

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Saliva ejector

You may recognize the saliva ejector running because the ambient sound produces. Saliva ejector makes it easier to vacuum out the saliva interfering with operation by means of a suction tube.

Instrument checks

Dentists use inspection instruments to peer into the mouth, searching for the cause of the pain, and finally, work on the damaged or infected tooth.

Dental Tweezers / High Tweezers

The pair of tweezers is usually used to hold and push the cotton to different parts of the mouth to prevent saliva from gushing into the tooth.

Excavator's teeth

Excavator’s teeth come in different tip: spoon, knife-sized claws or disks. They are used in removing tooth decay.

Dental drill

After pinpointing the cause of toothache, and more often than not, the molar decay, the dentist will need to dig your teeth using a dental drill. A dental drill is mainly used in digging the cavity before filling with resin composite or amalgam.