What To Look For In A Dyslexia Tutor In Charlotte?

Dyslexia teachers need further training on how students learn to read and what specific strategies are appropriate for difficult readers. They are often trained in one of the following methods: Orton-Gillingham, Barton, Lindamood-Bell, and Wilson. Any of them would be ideal as they are all suitable for students with dyslexia.

Most of these programs require only training, but no certification. This means that the dyslexia teacher attends a seminar where he or she learns how to use the program. Training usually lasts a few days or more. 

There are many reading tutors available for dyslexia children in Charlotte. Your children can also try nonsense word test & assessment at Pams Reading.



Certification is stricter and more expensive. Orton-Gillingham offers various levels of certification that require supervision and experience. It also costs several thousand dollars so some can't afford it.

It is considered the gold standard for dyslexia training so many parents are looking for it, but it can be difficult to find a certified teacher due to the cost and time involved.

You definitely need a dyslexia teacher, not just a reading specialist. The majority of teachers and professionals in the school system are not trained in dyslexia and do not know how to teach these students to read.