Relieve Your Pain From Electromagnetic Therapy Machine

Physiotherapy is a common treatment for people with back pain and injuries, but it is important to know that physiotherapy consists of many different treatments. Proper treatment must be started at the right time for the patient to get the best results.

If you've ever seen a physical therapist in action, you'll find that they can use different types of body machines from These devices are designed to help you stretch your muscles or provide support in areas of your body while you are doing back pain therapy. Then your therapist will likely massage you. 

Not to be confused with simple massages, as they are specially trained to manipulate soft tissues and relax your muscles, as muscle spasms and contractions sometimes exacerbate pain. As you stretch and untie the knot, you will find that you can move more freely and painlessly.

Once symptoms have subsided and inflammation and cramping have subsided, treatments such as massage and ultrasound can help relieve soft tissue shrinkage and increase blood flow to the damaged tissue to aid healing. At this stage, the severe pain disappears and the patient mainly experiences pain and stiffness.

Gradually, as the pain improves, stretching and mobilization can be performed to increase flexibility and mobility. It is important that the patient is as close to normal range of motion as possible before proceeding to strengthening exercises to prevent the abnormal movement pattern from becoming more intense.