10 Things To Consider While Buying An Event Tent

If you are considering purchasing an event tent for all your outdoor events, it is a wise decision as you will not only be able to entertain your guests amidst the beauty of nature but will also keep your home drinks and food stain-free after the party. There are many companies that provide tent services, for more information you can search custom event canvas over the internet. 

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Here are 10 things to consider when buying an event tent to make shopping easier:

Pillars: Tents can be supplied with a wide variety of pole materials ranging from heavy to moderate, from fiberglass to plastic, and more. Although most tents are made of fiberglass, it should be noted that they are very fragile and break easily. 

Rain flies: Event tent umbrellas that protect you from rain are known as rain flies. Just like when choosing an umbrella, the bigger the better! The canopy tent may have a top that slides to the side so you don't get sprayed under it. 

Double stitching: Buying a marquee tent is like buying clothes where you need to make sure that the material is very stretchy. When buying a tent, pull the material on both sides. When you look at the seams, chances are the tent is gone. 

Bath floor: The floor of the canopy tent should be made of waterproof material, leaving a few inches to the side to insert into the tent wall. There is no room across the country, which means no water can enter, which could otherwise lead to over-wetting.

Ventilation: If you choose a closed tent for events, make sure the roof has a small opening that will help you pass air circulation and avoid any kind of condensation inside your tent.