Should You Attempt Installing 3M Clear Bra on Your Own?

3M clear bra or 3M Scotchgard as it is officially known is a thin and almost entirely transparent layer of polyurethane. It has an adhesive side, which means that you will need no additional glue to get the film installed.

The clear bra is flexible and thin. A source of heat can be used to make the film more flexible and easy to apply over the specific car part. Clear bra films are also easy to cut so that they fit perfectly. To know more about paint protection film, you can simply click at

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Transparent bras are usually installed on the front of the car. These are the most vulnerable auto parts. 3M protective varnish film is usually installed on the covers, bumpers, fenders, side mirrors and even the headlights. Covering an entire car is impractical, unnecessary, and expensive.

Most vehicle owners have a hard time applying 3M clear bras on highly curved or inaccessible parts of the vehicle. Improper installation can result in the formation of air pockets below the surface. A good solution is to buy a 3M transparent bra set. The set contains pre-cut protective film strips for paint which have been specially developed for car models.

On the other hand, professional installs can be a great choice for people who are new to autotuning and editing movies. Of course, if you have to pay for its installation, the cost of making films will increase. However, fitting a bra professionally is the best way to get all the 3M benefits of a bra.