A Portable Chicken Coop

Are you looking through the different chicken coop plans and wondering which is best for you? Are you looking to farm a couple of hens or have a section that won't support a large coop?

For those people with smaller backyards or that are only wanting to keep a couple of chickens a portable chicken coop is an ideal option. The chickens love it because they get a clean environment and a constant supply of fresh grass, and feed variety.

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Why Choose A Mobile Chicken Coop? - Galinheiro, Planos de galinheiros

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You will get an easy-care coop, you'll spend less on feed, fertilizer for your garden and building materials, while still getting those great fresh eggs. If you are really lucky your hens will also help to maintain your lawn.

This may sound silly and obvious but don't overlook the advantage that having a coop that you can move closer to the house, under the shade, or into a temporary shelter at a moment's notice brings. Imagine a freak snowstorm or flash flood, or a day where the mercury shoots through the top of the thermometer, (don't laugh, they happen more and more frequently these days).

If you had a static hen house chances are that you could lose the whole flock, but with a portable chicken coop, you can move your girls into safety quickly and easily.

You also get the added advantage of not having to deal with a large coop that you have to work around or consider every time that you want to rearrange the garden or mow the lawn.